Star Wars Legion

A spectacular 28mm miniatures game set in the Star Wars Galaxy

Organiser: Dan Meehan and Rob

Leadshot - The Old West Miniature Game where anything can happen

'Jimmy Rogan sauntered across the bar room, an insolent smirk that looked more like a sneer twisting his lips, as the fingers of his right hand lightly trailed over the hammer of his six shooter. It was an unconscious action. Almost a muscle memory you could say. The spring of the hammer was pliable from constant use, but not to the point where it failed to do its role. Rogan reached the bar and leant forward to spit into the brass spittoon, splattering spittle against the belled edge and down the side, he rose and eyed himself in the mirror. His sneer turned into a lopsided gap toothed grin, when he noticed the one whore in the bar looking fearfully at his back. 

   He turned to face her, figuring to himself that there might be something to do in this town after all. Thinking up his best one liner that he was sure would get him a free lay, he failed to notice the Derringer pistol, almost concealed in the steady grip of the bar girl.       
“You killed my Pa,” said Ruby and fired the pistol. The bullet travelled faster than the gunslinger could draw. Much faster. It struck him just above the left eye, punching a neat hole through the thin bone and into his brain. His right hand flopped at his holster for just a second, before he fell across the same spittoon he had just used, the crooked smile on his face making him look bewildered as he lay on the floor.’ 

The Men Who Would be Kings

Colonial Era Rules, by Osprey

Large scale colonial skirmish games with 15mm figures set in the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879. Saturday will be 2 or 3 skirmish games based on the scenarios in the rules. Sunday will re-fight the historical battle of Nyezane fought on the same day as the Battle of Isandlwana. Each game will have room for at least 4 participants.  The rules are easy to learn and use and are full of Hollywood style character. The personality of leaders plays a large part in the rules.

Organiser: Mark Primrose

Wings of Glory WW1 and WW2

Wings of Glory  are easy, fun to play, fast and furious game systems recreating tactical aerial combat in the First and Second World Wars.  Innovative game mechanics represent aircraft with very different flight capabilities and firepower, while keeping the flow of the combat simple and fun.  Players will control one or more airplanes, taking to the skies to engage their opponents in aerial duels, or trying to accomplish specific missions, such as reconnaissance, escort, or bombing raids.

Organiser: Carl Rohweder

Fish n Chips

Well, the sun is shining and the boat is fueled up! What a way to start your fishing trip! But, who knows what can go wrong.

Can you be the best?

Can you catch more than the rest? Can you survive the trip?

Will you get the best prices at market?

Come play Fish n Ships and see your story unfold

Organiser: Glen Taylor

Grand Battles Napoleon

The Battle of Vimeiro, 21 August, 1808
The French Army of Portugal, commanded by Junot, swept down upon Arthur Wellesly's British-Allied army  near the town of Vimeiro on the 21st of August, 1808. Junot attacked the British in two disjointed assaults upon the British held ridge line, the first against the British left flank and then against the British right flank. Both assaults were repulsed with the French suffering horrific casualties.
Come and join our game at Briscon 2018, and see if you can do better than Junot and drive those redcoats from the field.

Demo and Participation Games

Part of the fun of gaming is experiencing new games. Brisbane Gaming Society supports participation games. If you have a game you would like to demonstrate please register your interest by email to:


Demo and Participation Games in 2018

Doctor Who Exterminate

Two of the Doctor's most ancient and relentless foes – the Daleks and Cybermen – clash in this fast-paced tabletop miniatures game.

The Doctor protects the Time Vortex the only way he knows how – with ever-changing companions, the TARDIS, and a sonic device...

Take control of either the Daleks, Cybermen or the Doctor & companions.

Attempt to gather resources vital to your plans before they fall into the hands of your opponents.

Organiser: Glen Verbugt