1/35 Scale Flames of War

Operation Typhoon or if you are Russian "The Battle of Moscow". This game will represent the German Panzers attacking the Russian forces in front of Moscow during early October 1941 to early January 1942.

You the player can command one of four units that make up a German Panzer Division from the Barbarossa book.

Or you can command a Confident Conscript Russian Rifle Division again from the Barbarossa book that may or may not be supported by tanks or rocket launchers.

 Both forces will be provided with 1/35th scale figures and model kits of weapons and vehicles using a modified set of Flames of War Version 3 Rules to suit the larger figures.

Organiser: John Lawrence

Wings of Glory WW1 and WW2

Wings of Glory WW1 - It is 1918 and war rages across Europe.  While men face a last-ditch battle in the mud of the trenches, colourful biplanes fly in the skies above, gallantly fighting each other as true "knights of the air".   In Wings of Glory WW1 you take the command of one of the early flying machines to shoot down your enemy, complete recon missions, and become an ace, following in the steps of men like Manfred von Richthofen, Eddie Rickenbacker, Georges Guynemer and James McCudden!

Wings of Glory WW2 - It is 1941 and the German war machine has steamrolled the Allied nations of Western Europe.  Having defeated the much vaunted Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain, only the Royal Air Force can take the fight to the Germans in the skies over France.  Will you pilot the RAF's famous Spitfires and Hurricanes or take to the air in deadly Messerschmitt Bf109's of the Luftwaffe?

Wings of Glory WW1 and WW2 are easy, fun to play, fast and furious systems which you will be able to start playing minutes after opening the box!  Innovative game mechanics encompass planes with very different flight capabilities and firepower, while still keeping the flow of the combat simple and fun.

Organiser: Carl Rohweder

Napoleons Retreat from Moscow

"Retreat from Moscow" is a public participation game of Napoleonic era skirmish gaming using Osprey's "Chosen Men" rules. The games are set during the winter of 1812 in Russia where the frozen remnants of the French Army struggles through the snow to reach safety beyond the Russian border. They are under constant attack by Russian Cossacks, peasants and light infantry. As the French commander will you lead the survivors of the French rearguard to safety, or as the Russian commander will you lead your Cossacks and Jaegers to sweep French invaders from the Motherland?

Organiser: Mark Primrose

Demo and Participation Games

Part of the fun of gaming is experiencing new games. Brisbane Gaming Society supports participation games. If you have a game you would like to demonstrate please register your interest by email to:


Demo and Participation Confirmed for 2019