BrisCon 2018

BrisCon is back again in 2018

Battle of Dresden - Massive Demo Game

The Battle of Dresden in 1813 was Napoleon’s last great victory. it was the precursor of the Battle of Nations at Leipzig, the outcome of which would define Europe for centuries. At BrisCon 2017 we will recreate this epic battle using 14,000 6mm miniatures on 96 square feet of sculpted terrain over two days.
Rules: Modified Shako

Figure scale: 1 figure equals 15 to 25 soldiers or troopers, 1 artillery piece equals 3 to 4 guns
Ground scale: roughly 1 inch is 75 yards
Time scale: 1 turn is 20 to 30 minutes
Actual numbers
Infantry: 12,180 figures
Cavalry: 1,416 figures

Artillery: 200 guns


Classic Card game of warring factions rooted in Hong Kong action cinema

Organisers: Cameron Watson

Pike and Shotte

28mm participation game seeing the Holy Roman Emperor’s Catholic troops battling the protestant forces of the Swedish King, Gustav Adolphus

Organisers: Bill Davis and Mal Gray

Wings of Glory WW1 and WW2

Wings of Glory are easy, fun to play, fast and furious game systems recreating tactical aerial combat in the First and Second World Wars.  Innovative game mechanics represent aircraft with very different flight capabilities and firepower, while keeping the flow of the combat simple and fun. 

Organiser: Carl Rohweder

Sharp Practice

28mm Napoleonic Era rules by Too Fat Lardies

Organisers: Mark Primrose

Muskets and Tomahawks

A spectacular 28mm miniatures gamie set in the wilderness of 18th century North America.

Organiser: Gavin Costello

Grand Battles Napoleon

Rollicking fun corps level Napoleonic participation game.
Saturday, 29th April, 2pm at the Siegeworks Booth.

Organiser: Brad Cook

Demo and Participation Games

Part of the fun of gaming is experiencing new games. Brisbane Gaming Society supports participation games. If you have a game you would like to demonstrate please register your interest by email to:


Confirmed Demo and Participation Games

Lead Shot

Western Skirmish Style Game

Organisers: Garage Gamers Group for ENARIAN Games

Test of Honour

Yes of Honour is the new 28mm Samurai skirmish game attracting a lot of attention worldwide.

Rules By- Warlord games

Organiser: Glen Verburgt

Napoleons Battles

Classic Napoleonic Wargame

Organisers: Peter Rhodan

Pulp Alley goes Sci-Fi

Pulp Alley is an action-packed heroic skirmish game. It's all about heroes and villains, plots and perils, action and adventure.

Organiser: Bill Colyer