Brisbane Gaming Society

Formed in 2016 by a group of Brisbane based gamers with lofty ambitions and seemingly too much time on our hands; the BGS began with the concept of bringing back BrisCon.

BrisCon was once a stand out event in the gaming calendar and following a trip to Cancon we decided that if not us then who?

What we stand for

BGS is an Incorporated Association in Queensland comprised of an executive and committee. We are an organisation that is not for profit and committed to reinvestment to support our strategic aims.

Goals and Objectives

Support the establishment, development and growth of all aspects of gaming related hobbies in Brisbane and SEQ

  • Establish and conduct gaming events in Brisbane.

  • Establish and grow a pinnacle gaming event to be held annually in Brisbane - Briscon.

  • Provide a vehicle for interaction, cooperation and joint participation in projects between groups, clubs and individuals

  • Form an open accessible organisation

  • Build a framework of members of the society, valuing contributions and input from members

  • Provide clear direction and long term vision for strategies enabling the growth of gaming in Brisbane and SEQ

  • Longer term provide a vehicle for establishment of a Peak Membership Body for Brisbane, promoting the interests and welfare of individual gaming clubs in Brisbane and SEQ

While the society is most concerned with the hobby of wargaming, it also seeks to support and encourage:

  • Tabletop games

  • Role Playing Games

  • Adventure Games

  • Board Games

  • Card Games

  • Dice Games

  • Wargames

  • Strategy Games